Friday, October 15, 2010

The Art of the Etruscans

The Etruscans
Untranslated language
Influenced by Greek culture

Between Arno and the Tiber rivers

Typical Etruscan Temple of the 6th Century
(as described by Vitruvius)
One or more cella's pushed back on the platform, 
columns in the front, raised up on a platform,
sculpture on the roofline

Portonaccio Temple
Veii, Italy
End of Archaic period-Archaic smile

buggy eyes, archaic smile, similar hair, Hermes, terra-cotta 

Roof of the PortonaccioTemple
hair reacts to the shoulder, movement in the statue, 
clothed-as opposed to nude as gods usually are

Porta Augusta, Perugia
decorating the arch with greek architecture-very influential later
key stone, stronger than post and lintel, 
distributes the weight better-like a relieving triangle
groin vault-extrememly strong

Porta Marzia (Gate of Mars)
Second century BC

Cerveteri, necropolis
hollow out rock, leave doorway, has roads almost like a city

Interior of the Tomb of the Reliefs
Cerveteri, Italy
3rd century BC
bed in the walls with stone pillows, carved reliefs

Tomb of the Leopards
Tarquinia, Italy
480-470 BC
scenes of banqueting, sitting on beds, lively, servants are nude,
darker and lighter figures(female vs. male)
abnormal for woman and men to be lying down together during a banquet,
greeks assume that all Etruscan woman are prostitutes

Etruscan woman are more equal:
shown loving
shown eating together
buried with their husbands

Tomb of Hunting and Fishing
Tarquinua, Italy
530-520 BC

young boys hunting and fishing, very unusual tomb for the time period
real landscape elements-unlike greeks

loving embrace

Capitoline She Wolf with Romulus(founder of Rome) and Remus(son of a mortal man-mars- and Goddess Aphrodite)
From Rome, Italy
traditional date is 753 BC
500-480 BC
common symbol for Rome, even though its Etruscan based
naturalistic kids-a later edition, were there originally and then put back

Brutus 300 BC
509 BC-expulsion of the Etruscans from Rome
(because of the rape of Brutus's wife)

Becomes the Roman Empire....

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